Brute Chorus – Art Pop goes Rockabilly


By rights, I should love The Brute Chorus. Why? Because they have quiffs, moustaches and glasses and, wait for it, a bass player who looks like the bastard lovechild of Harry Hill and Mick Hucknall, and a drummer who resembles Ming The Merciless. And guess what? I do love them.

They sound like Franz Ferdinand doing rockabilly-blues, which, if you think about it, is the best thing ever. Sun Records goes art-rock! But, wait, there’s more. They’re also prone to some wailing harmonica and cowbells, which is nice.

If that’s not enough, their new single, She Was Always Cool, features a chugging garage riff, possibly the best use ever of handclaps in pop, a kazoo solo and a lyric about a girl who wears sunglasses in bed. Foot-on-monitor front-man James Steel (what a cool name – like a superhero) is curious, charismatic and wonderfully eccentric – he reminds me of The Vessel from David Devant & His Spirit Wife. One of their tunes, Chateau, is a creepy, echo-laden epic that could have been recorded in Joe Meek’s bathroom.

The Brute Chorus – splash ‘em all over.

She Was Always Cool, the new single from The Brute Chorus, is available on 7” vinyl on Dec 15th and download on Jan 4th


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