Quiz of the week – Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin THE ANSWERS!


Ok, so you think you know your Tangerines from your Lemon (songs)? Now prove it. Here’s the first of our weekly quizzes and for this week (only) we let Vic take over which means there are ten sneaky questions about hoary old rock dinosaurs the best rock band ever Led Zeppelin.

There’s no prizes, but you can put your answers in the comments section. Answers on Friday.

1 Which infamous hotel did members of Led Zeppelin engage in the famous red snapper incident?

The Edgewater, Seattle

2 Where does Jimmy Page’s mum live?


3 Who was the lost heroine of the battle of evermore?

Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention

4 What does the sign representing Jimmy page on Led Zepp IV mean?

No one knows as he told Robert Plant once who forgot and Jimmy swears he will never tell anyone

5 What’s Robert Plant’s fav Led Zeppelin song?

Kasmir – everybody thinks it is Stairway to Heaven as he refuses to play that live unless in very extraordinary circumstances and Page has to be with him but it is not

6 Who was Jimmy Page’s fav groupie and member of Frank Zappa’s GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously)?

Pamela des Barres

7 What profession did John Paul Jones nearly leave Led Zeppelin for?

Choirmaster at Winchester Cathedral

8 Which rather large North American country did Led Zeppelin never reach number 1 in?


9 Which member of Zepp worked with a member of the Velvet Underground in the 60s and what was the name of the track they wrote?


10 Which cult English songwriter, who shares a surname with an acclaimed British film director, has John Paul Jones regularly played live with in the last few years?

Robyn Hitchcock


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