I have found the vocalist for the Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour!


Actually scrap that these guys are better than that.

Boot Led Zepp are very special. For starters they are young and they actually look and sound like Led Zeppelin. In particular the vocalist Luke Ward is outstanding. So much so that I think we need to start a campaign right here and now to get him put forward as Robert Plant’s replacement on the rumoured Led Zeppelin reunion tour. I have never in my life witnessed firsthand someone with such control and power in their voice. I was absolutely blown away the first time I saw them at The Grey Horse in Kingston and second time around at The Hob in Forest Hill there was no room for mistakes in this intimate, acoustic set. Everything was spot on. Joined by Raff Achour on guitar – a rather dashing Mr Jimmy Page and Jevon Beaumont on bass the band are truly phenomenal.


Formed in the summer of 1995, drummer James Hogg put an advert in Loot looking for musicians to form a tribute band to both Led Zeppelin and Queen. Guitarist Raff Achour responded and both met up in a pub in Covent Garden. After some music talk and several pints of bitter, the two hit it off and decided to get into a rehearsal room and see what would happen. With lots of line up changes and the genius decision to drop Queen and focus 100% on Led Zeppelin the rest as they say is history.

Truly amazing live, the band had the rabble rousing crowd at The Hob eating out of the palm of their hand. The entire set was performed spot on, with humour and very good grace. They really are a lovely, very down-to-earth bunch of blokes. It is a wonderful thing to see people perform who are so happy to do so and really rubs off on the crowd. If you are a big fan of Led Zepp save your money by not going to see the reunion tour minus Robert Plant and spend £15 on going to see these guys.

Alongside what I think is set to become my gig of 2009 (Boot led Zepp joint headlining with The Rollin Stoned at The Shepherds Bush Empire) the boys have the following upcoming dates:


Saturday 15th – The Grey Horse, Kingston
Sunday 23rd – The Landmarc Theatre, Bournemouth
Friday 28th – Loddon valley, Acoustic gig supporting One Night of Queen


Friday 12th – Halfmoon, Putney


Saturday 31st – The Grey Horse, Kingston


Saturday 28th – Halfmoon, Putney

We have a Q&A coming up very shortly with guitarist Raff Achour so keep your eyes peeled for more on the best tribute band ever. Fact.


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