Five top music apps for the Google G1 Android phone


The Google Android G1 launched exclusively on T-Mobile the other week in the UK, giving owners access to a plethora of downloadable free applications. But what are the best music apps?

1.) TuneWiki – Also available on the iPhone, this app grabs lyrics and album art for the music you’ve imported to your G1, all of which have been added by the TuneWiki community. You can also translate lyrics in other languages, and view the music video for the song on YouTube, right in the TuneWiki interface. Suitable for anyone who has a karaoke streak running wild within, or who thinks David Bowie actually said “the smell of fat chicks just puts a smile on my face” in Suffragette City.

2.) Shazam – It’s been on countless mobiles before, however it works extraordinarily well on the G1. When the name of the artist or song escapes you, simply hold your phone up to the radio/pub speaker/wall separating you and your asbo-holding neighbour, and within 30 seconds it will locate the name of the band and song. Then, to really impress you, it will open YouTube and find videos related to that song, and in the US, take you to the Amazon MP3 store so you can spend a few bob downloading it.

3.) MySpace – What, you’ve still got an account there? Shame on you. Still, in lieu of a Facebook app, and until Zuckerberg signs some big record labels to his rumoured Facebook download store, MySpace will fill in the gaps for all your band-stalking purposes. It’s actually integrated with Shazam however, so once users have identified that mystery song, they can connect to the band’s MySpace profile, and check out photos and band information.

4.) Amazon MP3 – Launching in the UK later this year, it’s been kicking around the States for a while now, proving to be a tidy alternative to iTunes haterz. It’s the first music store for the Android platform, where you can select any of Amazon’s DRM-free MP3s, download them, and play ‘em on your Android.

5.) Imeem – Working much the same as, you plug in the name of a band you fancy listening to, and then it will stream music from them and similar artists. It’s quite accurate too – the first six songs upon typing in Talking Heads were three songs from the band, plus a Blondie ditty, a track from Gang of Four, and a Radiohead song. It works in the background, so you can browse the internet or whatnot, whilst streaming songs, and no matter if you don’t have a particular artist you want to listen to, as you can stream the top 100 songs of the week. Very addictive, but extremely bad for your battery life.


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