Fall Out Boy launching iPhone social network


This year’s hot new accessory for musicians? No, not a crack habit – that’s LAST year’s. The new thing is having your own iPhone application.

Pink and Snow Patrol kicked off the trend last month by releasing iPhone apps, in both cases promoting their new albums. Now Fall Out Boy have announced plans to follow suit, but it’s about more than just flogging iTunes downloads.

Apparently, their app will evolve to become a fully-fledged mobile social network, allowing fans to communicate, upload photos, and micro-blog in a Twitter stylee. You can imagine it being a pretty powerful tool, especially if there are a bunch of iPhone-toting fans uploading pics from gigs on the band’s tour.

It’s early days for this kind of thing – releasing an iPhone app is innovative enough in itself to get press coverage, which is one of the reasons record labels are doing it. But the plans for the Fall Out Boy app show the direction it needs to go in – apps that are useful for fans all year round, rather than just promoting an album and then becoming useless.


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