Holy Fuck @ UCL, October 18th 2008


Ok so not strictly brand, spanking new but none-the-less….

Entering a filthy, packed student union bar I could see the crowd were bang up for a night of dirty beats and electro badness and so was I.

It seemed like forever for them to come on and the support band were just not even worth mentioning. So upstairs for a skanky student pizza and a alcohol filled cocktail in the meantime. Last time I’d been to this building was for the student night Collide-a-scope and that was extremely messy so the stakes were set high.

Holy F**k didn’t disappoint and the Canadian hipsters offered a rabble rousing set demonstrating why they have been creating so many waves on the London music scene. At times the music did get a bit t0o repetitive but just as you felt your mind begin to slide they hit back at you with a kick ass tune. Highlights for me included the epic and uplifting Lovely Allen which sounds so different to the rest of their repetorie – kinda if Joy Division got founded now what they’d sound like – with hints of Arcade Fire and Maps. Other highpoints included the hip Royal Gregory which the crowd just loved – very Digialisim esque and The Pulse. Nothing new here but that doesn’t mean to say not a good show.

Check them out in a venue near you soon.


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