The mad, the bad and the sad – why do the English love a reunion?


There has been a mad rush over the past weeks with various band reunion rumours. First off, Smiths fan nearly wet themselves over the prospect that Morrissey might actually be reunited with Marr onstage (complete with obligatory daffodil in arse) for the first time since the band split. They’d actually playing songs the audience want to hear. Let’s face it the only reason you go to see Morrissey (and the same goes for Paul Weller actually) is the distant hope that they may reward you with a Smiths or Jam song.

More often than not they don’t as they are:

1) “Sick of being pigeon holed as the singer from “that” band”

2) “That time in there life is now over, man why can’t you paps just leave me alone”

3) Yawn! Are you bored yet because I know I am?

So why is then that the entire country seems to get there knickers in a twist over band reunions?

It’s not as if it is always going to be the original line up. Christ Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler were able to cobble together a 20 date tour last year under the moniker of The Jam. Yeah just one vital ingredient missing there boys…you know, the person who wrote all the tunes, the hipster everyone adored. Yeah that’s him, the MODFATHER. What next – The Jimi Hendrix Experience reforming?

Same also goes for the mighty, mighty Led Zepp. After the frankly disturbing appearance of Jimmy Page with that wench Leona Lewis at the Olympic closing ceremony and the utter depression that rained down on me after missing out on the tickets of the year (yep Led Zepp at the O2 I missed it – don’t remind me) it was my turn to nearly wet myself yesterday when the following appeared in my inbox:

Message: Hannam

To: Victoria

Subject: led Zepp reunion gig

One click and I was yet again so near but so far. Led Zeppelin reuniting without Robert Plant? My poor bleeding heart nearly stopped dead. If like me you are ruled by the Church of Led Zepp you will understand the terror and disgust I felt? Led Zepp always kept an air of cool and respect about them from the wider mass after disbanding after John Bonham’s death. Last year’s O2 gig was understandable as it was to raise money for the man who signed them: Ahmet Ertegün who had died in 2006 after a fall at a Rolling Stones gig (just as an aside – how bloody cool is that?) and included all members except of course Bonham who’s son Jason took up the drumsticks.

That was a real, one off reunion for a good cause. Not a giant stadium tour with the legend of Plant missing.

Oh well at least I’ve got the prospect of a Guns N Roses reunion tour on the horizon following the news that Axl Rose is planning to finally release Chinese Democracy on November 24. yep Gun n roses minus: Slash, Duff, Izzy/Gilby, Steven/Matt. Should be excellent. In face I can probably go buy my tickets for it on Seatwave right now.


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