What did Alan McGee ever do for us?


So after nearly 25 years Alan McGee is apparently quitting the music biz. He started winding down his record label Poptones a few years back and has now decided that he is through with managing bands.

In a touching, but rather sad interview in The Guardian McGee said

“I stopped doing the record company about a year or two ago because I think they’re pointless things, like dinosaurs or trams or something. I think I’m a man of the times, kind of like Tony Wilson really. We don’t really have a place in the music industry anymore because we actually like music.”

He then spoils it a little by banging on about how great Oasis are, but hey I can forgive him for that. One thing McGee is very keen on though is blogging. His posts for The Guardian recently have been inciendiary. The ‘ELO – the band The Beatles could have been‘ almost brought a couple of PopJunkies to fisticuffs!

It all begs the question though – what has Alan McGee ever done for us? Well here’s your answer courtesy of our mates at YouTube.

1 Adorable – Sunshine Smile

Genius single from 1992. For a time it was Suede Vs Adorable for the title of the best new band in Britain, but while there were some great tunes on the band’s two albums, nothing came close to this, or sadly for them, the songs on Suede’s debut.

2 The House of Love – Christine

The House of Love tend to get overlooked a bit as 1, they didn’t really fit in any handy musical genres and 2, just when they had a bit of a wobble (losing guitarist, screwing up second album), along came The Stone Roses. For me though Christine is one of the very best singles of the 80s and the stuff on their early EPs and debut album is as good as UK indie gets.

3 The Weather Prophets – Almost Prayed

While I loved The Loft, I always preferred Pete Astor’s second band The Weather Prophets. The debut album, Mayflower, is a guilty pleasure that oddly for the time added US west coast influences to a very British indie sound. The follow up has the sublime Always the Light as its start attraction, which in my book is one of the few tunes to be actually enriched by a sax solo.

4 Boo Radleys – Lazarus

The stand out from the ‘White Album’ of the 90s – Giant Steps. Their finale Kingsize is even better IMO.

5 Ed – The Mill Hill Self Help Club

The nearest Ed Ball ever got to a hit. What an amazing songwriter! The early Times albums are genius mod pop.

6 18 Wheeler – The Hours and the Times

Tony Blair’s favourite band. He introduced them at a Labour party conference as Wheeler 18. Like Teenage Fanclub produced by Brian Wilson.

7 Sugar – If I can’t change your mind

From the Grunge band it was ok for wimpy Brit indie kids to like. I miss Bob Mould.

8 Primal Scream – Gentle Tuesday

From the very underrated Sonic Flower Groove album – aka the template for The Stone Roses debut. Great tune, lovely summery vid.

9 Cosmic Rough Riders – Revolution (in the summertime)

More Scottish Byrdsie jangle. I played their debut album to death a few summer’s back.

10 My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise

I don’t think they ever bettered this.


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