Victory Red – the world’s unluckiest band?


Victory Red must be the unluckiest unsigned band in history. The current line-up, who got together in early 2007, spent months in the studio working on their live set only to be plagued by injury when the time came to take to the stage. First was guitarist Geoff, who was struck down by repetitive strain injury, followed by vocalist Kate whose vocal strain put her out of action for many weeks… then bassist Rich developed tendonitis, Geoff’s other hand needed surgery following a broken-glass-based injury, and guitarist Stef broke his finger in a car door. Dan, the drummer, remains unscathed (but must be bricking it).

But they’re finally overcoming their ailments, and will be performing at the Water Rats on 29 November. It’s a shame they’ve been out of action for such a long time, because they’re one of those bands who actually don’t sound like anyone else – sometimes you can hear the influences of Muse, and now and again there’s a hint of The Killers – but it’s also no surprise that they’re fans of Oceansize, or that Kate used to be a jazz singer. They’re genuinely passionate about what they do, have all spent years learning their crafts and becoming an impressively tight outfit… and they’re definitely unique. Melodic, epic, heavy, intricate… give them a listen at


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