Celeb hi-fi systems # 1 Jean-Michel Jarre’s iPod dock


French electronic music loon Jean-Michel Jarre is all about the lightshow, right? At least, that’s the only reason we’d be tempted to shell out to attend one of his gigs.

But it seems Jarre has designs on our living room too, with a new iPod speaker system that he’s apparently had a hand in designing. It’s called AeroSystem, and looks as visually stunning as you’d expect.

For your money (which we’ll get to in a mo) you get two 20-Watt RMS speakers and a 45-Watt RMS subwoofer, with an iPod dock built in and an additional USB port and 3.5mm jack to let you connect other devices.

How much? €450. For that kind of money, we’d want at least a laser or two thrown in. Poor show, Jean-Michel. We’re not giving this gadget any more, ahem, oxygene of publicity.

(via Engadget)

Stuart Dredge


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