Hungover Stuntmen


I first met the lovely Hungover Stuntmen last summer during Ibiza Rocks. They were over there using Andy Taylor’s studio to record aforementioned album. Back then they played me “She Knows” which is a rousing indie pop song. I liked it but wasn’t so sure that it wasn’t just a one off.

Well how wrong was I? Debut album, “Blame the BBC” is rammed full of indie anthems. On first play my fav was the soon-to-be indie disco dance floor filler “Love is Suicide”. It has the coolest guitar riff! it makes me want to don my mini, summer denim shorts, slip on my cowboy boots and go clean my Spitfire in quite a naughty manner with hoses and soap and stuff. If this song could be a smell it would be freshly cut grass and testosterone!

The single “Inside Out” is snappy, catchy and will hopefully lift these guys to the level they should be. But, I do think Love is Suicide would have been a better choice for first single. XFM needs to play this tune!

Things take a different turn with “Ballad of the Hungover Stuntmen” which sounds very like the White Stripes, “Conquistador”.

There are couple of weaker tunes in between but on the whole it is a stonking debut with proper guitars and everything;) And best of all it grows on you more and more. Had it on in the car ALL week.

Anyone if you want to hear more you could check out their myspace or you could watch out for the next installment of PopJunkie TV where I will be giving away the new album and single to one lucky reader.


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