Black Acid


I caught Black Acid last week at 93 Feet East. Formed in New York by Death in Vegas front man Richard Fearless with Oliver Ackerman from A Place to Bury Strangers performed a rip roaring set amongst a minor celebrity crowd think Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver and various stragglers from the Mystery Jets.

Supported by The Big Pink who where pretty dreary and just trying to pick up where Joy Division left off 20 years too late Black Acid proved to be a great bit of rock n roll sleaze on a muggy summers night.

At their best on the more upbeat tracks when Fearless throws his all into wailing like a banshee Jagger style I was suitably impressed. Judging by the crowd it seems that proper rock n roll is back in fashion too. There were lots of bandanas, checked shirts and ripped skinny jeans in the crowd. Albeit in a kooky, too-cool-for-school Hoxton way but nevertheless I think we have a cock rock revolution on our hands. Bring on the Whitesnake.

Highlights from the set included Glitter in the Gutter, Here She Comes and Fur- proper scuzzy, drugged out, garage rock…me likey.


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